Why does wrinkles appear?? How to get rid of it !!

Reasons for appearance of wrinkles on face and tips to prevent and cure them

Why does wrinkles appear?? How to get rid of it !!

The skin is the largest functional organ of the human body. With age, a gradual decline sets in it and causes the loss of elasticity. As a result, skin starts sagging and wrinkles appear. These signs are most evident on the face, neck, and arms.

Wrinkles in the skin are caused by several reasons.  A normal healthy person does not develop wrinkles up to the age of 40 or 50. But after the age of 50, it becomes loose and develops wrinkles.

At young age females produce a hormone called Oestrogen which keeps the skin bloom. At this age, elastin protein is also present in sufficient quantity which maintains the elasticity of the skin. But when one turns 50 the production of this hormone decreases and skin starts becoming loose. Beyond 60, elastin begins to waste away from our body due to which our skin losses elasticity. By the age of 70, the activity of sweat glands decreases markedly and wrinkles become more prominent.

 The ultraviolet rays of the sun are also harmful in this respect. They dry out the oils present in the skin by which it develops wrinkles. Hence Wrinkles are prominent on the persons who spend more time in the sun.

The people who don’t take well balanced diet also develop wrinkles. Lack of moisture and protein causes wrinkles to appear. If you do not eat enough protein your body uses stored up protein which results in the loss of elasticity and the sagging of muscles.

This is because with the loss in weight, fat cells beneath the skin surface get reduced and wrinkles appear.

 Our body needs a lot of fresh water and facial exercises to keep wrinkles away.

Tips for preventing and curing wrinkles

  • The chief preventive to delay wrinkles especially the premature ones is to massage your face and neck daily with olive oil or almond oil is still better. Always massage your face with upward direction.
  • Laugh lanes should also be massaged upward, over the upper cheeks, towards the outer section of the eye.
  • Massage crow’s feet also with upward direction towards the temples. But massage very gently over there.
  • Besides protein, Vitamin E restores body moisture if applied externally over the skin. Cut the vitamin E capsule, mix its contents with glycerine for better consistency and apply all over your face.
  • Fresh cream mixed with a thoroughly beaten egg white should be patted on the face and left on for about 15minutes.
  • Onion water is supposed to be an excellent remedy for wrinkles. Mix onion juice with a little bit of white wax and honey to make it anti-wrinkle cream.
  • A honey and egg white mask is supposed to nourish even the inner layers of skin.
  • An eye compressor can be made with cotton pads soaked with orange juice. Put it over the eyes for thirty minutes to get rid of wrinkles over the eyelids and crow’s feet.
  • Grated raw potatoes tied in gauze, also makes a good compress for crow’s feet.
  • Whatever type of anti-wrinkle cream you use, your skin should be absolutely clean before you apply it. If you steam your face any type of cream will be more effective.
  • Plenty of rest and sleep also helps to keep you looking young and fresh.