WhatsApp Recently Added Three Features: Here's a Quick Look at Them

WhatsApp lets its users set reminders, notify them if they have an incoming call waiting, and allows them to control who can add them to group chats.

WhatsApp Recently Added Three Features: Here's a Quick Look at Them

WhatsApp, which is certainly one of the most popular messaging services across the globe, continues to get new features over time to enhance the user experience. Recently the app received a new reminders feature which is a collaboration with Any.do. The instant messaging app also got a new 'call waiting' feature and the ability to block users from adding you to annoying groups. Here's a quick look at them:

1. Clever Reminders: WhatsApp has partnered with Any.do, a productivity platform in order to enable the feature of setting up a reminder within the app. To use this feature, users will need a premium account membership of Any.do. To set a reminder on WhatsApp, users have to follow the following steps:

· Open WhatsApp.

· Open the Any.do conversation.

· Enter ‘remind me to….’

· Any.do will ask you for the reminder time.

· Add the time and you’re all set!

2. Call Waiting: With this feature, users will be notified about another incoming call even when they are already on a WhatsApp call. It is then up to the user to accept that call or not.

3. Access to Add in WhatsApp Groups: The Facebook-owned messaging app has introduced a feature as per which users can decide who they want to give access to add them in a WhatsApp group. With this invitation, system users have an option of giving access to “Everyone”, “My Contacts”, and “Nobody”.