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Losing weight without exercise!! Know how??

To get an Idea on daily in take of your calories , maintaining a balanced diet and to keep your body weight in control


White Noise Improves Hearing, Says Study

Their findings could possibly be used to improve auditory perception in situations where sounds are difficult to distinguish.


Bacteria in the Gut May Alter Ageing Process: Study

With age, the viability of small intestinal cells is reduced, and this is associated with reduced mucus production that make intestinal...


Salman Bhai Inspires Entire Country When it Comes to Fitness,...

Aayush was talking about his brother-in-law while interacting with the media at the preview of Being Strong Fitness Equipment in Mumbai.


Fitbit OS 4.1 Update to Bring Enhanced Heart Rate Tracking,...

A major update for Fitbit smartwatches is expected to arrive in December.


Fitness Trackers Do Not Lead to Weight Loss, Says Study

While tracking steps, blood pressure and cholesterol may motivate a person towards their general well being, they hardly add to weight...