PUBG Mobile: Season 10 to Feature Desert Eagle Pistol, Payload Mode, RP Rewards and More

Early leaks have revealed upcoming in-game items and RP Rewards that will be arriving with Season 10 of PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile: Season 10 to Feature Desert Eagle Pistol, Payload Mode, RP Rewards and More

We still have a whole lot of goodies in the current season of PUBG Mobile, but leaks around season 10 are already making their way to the internet. Season 9 kicked-off in the middle of September and should finish by mid-November, but we are already getting details that the next season including various RP rewards.

It is noteworthy that some of the leaks include Halloween themed items, but those might arrive in the next update itself, which is expected to arrive before Season 10. Update 0.14.5 is expected to bring the new Payload Mode as well, which will be a brand new addition to the Arcade Modes. We’ve seen the special mode in the past where players drop on Erangel and get to fight with some heavy artillery including grenade and rocket launchers, homing missiles and even helicopters. There is no confirmation if the new mode will arrive in the next update, but we are very confident that it will arrive in the next season.

The new season should also include a brand new pistol, the Desert Eagle or Deagle. The Desert Eagle is already available for PC and console versions of the game and deals the most damage compared to all the pistols. But it will have the most recoil. It deals 62 damage per shot, and takes both red-dot and holographic sights and one can also equip various magazines and laser sight. The Deagle uses .45 ACP ammo with the standard magazine offering 7 rounds and 10 on extended.

As for the RP or Royale Pass Rewards on season 10, we have quite a bit of items. We can expect a new Halloween theme arriving at the end of season 9 which could overlap with season 10. Apart from wide range of outfits, there will be a tin-man and a witch outfit specially dedicated for Halloweens. As with all the seasons, there will be other costumes through the entire season.

There are a bunch of unique helmet finishes if you are into that, including a dino-face, winter hat, frog-face and a post-apocalyptic Mad-Max inspired skin. There are a bunch of parachute skins, some solo, duo and squad titled t-shirts and new vehicle skins for the UAZ, Mirado, Buggy and Snowmobile. As for the gun skins, there’s a new modern looking finish with blue-streaks available on the UZI, AKM, Groza and the M24. There are also brand new M416 as well as the AKM skins for the gun-lab which are definitely going to cost you a lot of money to upgrade. There are also a variety of other gun skins for the Mini14, QBU, UZI, VSS, M24 and more. Backpack skins include some emoji-based ones, a winter themed skin, and a military/desert skin. Lastly, there will be skins for melee items, as well as airplanes, and new face accessories and masks.