Invest Rs 44 daily and get a WHOPPING return of more than Rs 27 lakh: LIC Policy

In order to simplify the return calculation and obtain premium charts, policy terms, and the interest rate, use the return calculator discussed in the article's body.

Invest Rs 44 daily and  get a WHOPPING return of more than Rs 27 lakh: LIC Policy
Invest Rs 44 daily and get a WHOPPING return of more than Rs 27 lakh: LIC Policy

New Delhi, India: It takes a lifetime to invest. It is extremely valuable to invest your hard-earned money in assets that can generate sufficient returns. Let's take a look at the LIC Jeevan Umang Policy of the Life Insurance Corporation (LIC), a giant in the insurance and financial services industry. The endowment plan also provides security and protection.

Jeevan Umang is different from other life insurance policies because, in addition to protecting the insured's life, a life insurance policy helps the policyholder save regularly over a predetermined period of time so that, in the event of survival during the policy term, a lump sum payment will be available at policy maturity. This sets Jeevan Umang policy apart from other life insurance policies.

In the event of the unfortunate death of the insured during the policy term, the endowment policy pays the beneficiaries the entire sum assured. Benefits are available to people aged 90 days to 55 years. The plan provides coverage for up to one hundred years.

You would receive a guarantee in this instance that is at least Rs 27 lakh. Continue reading to learn about the return calculator and how to earn a return of Rs 27.60 lakh.
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Assume you begin effective money management Rs 1302 every month for the time span of 30 years, your kept sum will be Rs 4.58 lakh. You will begin receiving a yearly return of Rs 40,000 after the policy term has ended. The total amount you will receive is approximately Rs 27.60 lakh if you choose to receive a return of Rs 40,000 per year for 100 years.

(Disclaimer: This article is intended to provide information. To provide an illustration of a particular kind, the calculator is also primarily based on assumptive figures .The purpose of the article is not to offer any kind of financial advice. Before making an investment in any scheme or policy, subscribers or investors must check with their portfolio managers.)