Google Pixel 4 to Feature 8x Zoom, Improved Night Sight Mode

We can expect some interesting camera features

Google Pixel 4 to Feature 8x Zoom, Improved Night Sight Mode

The Google Pixel has been a leader when it comes to smartphone camera performance. While we anticipate the official launch of the Pixel 4, various leaks and rumours have already given us a fair idea of what’s next from the house of Google. Thanks to early press renders we know that this time the Pixel will include a dual-camera setup in a square module.

As per new leaks, the upcoming Pixel 4 phones are expected to offer 8x zoom along with an upgrade for the highly acclaimed night mode or ‘Night Sight.’ There is also going to be a new “motion mode” feature making its debut on the Pixel 4. With this feature users will be able to capture images of fast-moving objects and get them into focus while blurring the background to give a dramatic effect, similar to standalone cameras.

There is also mention of the Night Sight mode getting a bump in terms of performance including speed and general improvements. There is no mention of how much improvement we can expect in terms of image quality, but faster speeds mean less processing time, which sounds like a good deal as it can take anything from a second to about 10 seconds depending on the light conditions.

There are also some more photos of the Pixel 4 that have leaked, this time giving us an early look at the white variant. The images come from the courtesy of XDA Developers and show a familiar design which was seen earlier with a thick top bezel featuring the selfie camera and Soli radar sensors. At the back we can see the white panel along with a black camera module.

One of the hands-on images show the camera UI on the Pixel 4. If you look closely there is a zoom slider at the bottom maxed out all the way to 8x. Also, considering it is Google, we can expect enhanced image quality even when the camera is zoomed in, but that is just a presumption. It will be interesting to see how Google will be implementing the zoom capability. We will have to wait and see if the sensor will crop from a high-resolution image, or will there be periscope style arrangement just like offerings from Oppo and Huawei. Another image shows that the Pixel 4 will come with 6GB of RAM, which will finally an upgrade from 4GB from the Pixel 3.