Chinese hackers attempted attack on Indian cyberspace more than 40,300 times in a week post-Galwan clash

Chinese hackers attempted attack on Indian cyberspace more than 40,300 times in a week post-Galwan clash

New Delhi: After a month of the face-off at Galwan valley with Indian Soldiers china is also orchestrating cyberattacks on Indian cyberspace. On June 15 where soldiers from Bihar Regiment and PLA came face to face and violent clashes took place in Galwan valley which resulted in the killing of 20 Indian Jawans and several casualties on the other side.

The new data available with security agencies suggest that from June 15 till today Chinese Hackers have made attempts more than forty thousand times to attack Indian Cyber Space.

June 15 the day of the violent face-off at Galwan valley till today more than forty thousand three hundred attempts to have been made by Chinese Hackers to attack Cyber Space in India.

As per the information available with security agencies most of these attacks have originated from Sichuan province of China. Sichuan area is the headquarters of China's Cyberwarfare. Indian authorities are still verifying and finding evidence to ascertain whether these attacks were state-sponsored or completely a work of non-state powers.

Mainly two technologies are being used to attack Indian Cyber Space. First is 'Distributed Denial of Service' in which if a Utility Private website can only accept a thousand requests Chinese Hackers can increase the capacity to ten lakhs which can lead to the crashing of setup. The second route which hackers are taking is of 'Internet Protocol Hijack' in which hackers can divert internet account or traffic via China to a target for a surveillance purpose.

India and China are not in a state of war with each other but the way Chinese have been having tensions are escalating proves the fact that we are no more a friendly nation. China is using all sorts of Warfare against India. We have listed out some of them and experts call it a Hybrid Warfare by China.

Five Chinese warfare

  1. Snooping on defence establishments through illegal VOIP exchange
  2. Cyberattack for more than 40,000 times in a week's time duration
  3. The physical presence of PLA in Galwan
  4. Peddling disinformation and fake news
  5. Proxy wars through Pakistan and Nepal etc
  6. Developing a Fake Arogya Setu application

Prashant Mali, Cyber Expert says, "This is a Cyberwar and mostly they are not done by PLA's Cyber Wing but non-state actors appointed by PLA. If not countered properly these attacks can affect services can bring down various websites. Not necessarily these attacks will originate from an address in China."

Is China preparing for Hybrid Warfare?

China is adopting every practice of Warfare to fight with India from violent faceoff in Galwan to moving artilleries and forces to Galwan Valley. Attacking cyberspace for more than forty thousand times and spreading disinformation deception fake news and pushing its own propaganda in India along with new proves which suggest how Chinese telecom companies are involved in surveillance of Defence areas and Jawans in a recent crackdown by Crime Branch and Military Intelligence. These were the same strategies used by Russia in a war in Ukraine.